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Rodrigo P Maruyama (Maru)

Aqui eu organizo producoes em Software, Sketchup design, projetos DIY em eletrônica e madeira (woodworking).

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Automatizando o projeto de Instalação Elétrica



Rowing machine
CNC machine
Luminaria 3 graus de liberdade
Estante TV
Bench Press

Engenharia Elétrica

My Digital Work/Softwares

  • Eletricidade Predial: This Project is Electrical Installation of Buildings Assistent based on Brazillian Standart rules (NBR5410).
  • Fitmoney: This project was built to organize my personal Finance transactions (under development).
  • Martial Arts Web App: This project is a Web Application developed for an Aikido Academy.

Computer Science


  • Photograph equipament: Some pictures about my camera, lens and more.
  • Passaros da Granja Viana: In 2019 I was working from home on my Electric Bulding Instalation Software ( and during this period I started taken pictures from the Birds living around my house. I made a compilation and organized the pictures from species. The result you can check here.
  • Ubatuba Beach Pictures: I do like to spend vacations in Ubatuba city. Here are some pictures I took when I was there, of course :).


Social Media

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