I develop this system because I couldn't find a software that fits in my personal use. Almost all financial softwares records the total amount for each transaction which is not enough for me. I wanted to have a very detailed picture of my consumption profile. With this system I can have a detailed history for each product I buy grouped by category, date, time, shop, price per unity and so on.

To have this working I need to input all items for each shop I go. By now there is no way to have this job done completely without the user interference. In the future I am planning have a tool to digitalyze the receit and use some software to extract the information from paper.

Ok, let's take a shortly explanation about the use of this software.

The system is divided as:

  1. Insert
  2. Vizualize
  3. Report


  1. Product
  2. Category
  3. Shop
  4. Shopping


  1. Products
  2. Categories
  3. Shops
  4. Shopping


  1. Report by period of time: week, month, quarter, half and a year
  2. By product
  3. By category
  4. Detail by month
  5. By food category
  6. Report month by amount of food (quantity [Kg])

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